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KJ VQ -Book-Ereader 9-7-18 4AMVampire’s Quest is the book that inspired the Knight Fever Series and features an alternative beginning to the Dark Knights and witches’ romantic adventures.

Knight’s Journey: Vampire’s Quest Prequel
novella & Vampire’s Quest full-length novel are available for FREE HERE.

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Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Adventure


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Fated Mate Paranormal Romance

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Adventurous Timeswept Romance

Hidden Cove eBook Covers 6-11-18 8AM 350dpi_1Hidden Cove eBook Covers 6-11-18 8AM 350dpi_2Hidden Cove eBook Covers 6-11-18 8AM 350dpi_3

Hidden Cove Complete Series 3D 350dpi