Knight Fever

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Knight Fever Series

In the Knight Fever Series, each one of a contingency of Dark Knights sets out on his final quest. After a millennia and a half of suffering, each must find his one true mate to end Merlin’s curse.

Each book a standalone romance featuring a Dark Knight created to battle the evil that rose up against the Kingdom of Camelot, and a member of a modern-day coven of supernaturally talented women.

The books in the Knight Fever series may be read in any order; however, the series might be best enjoyed as follows:

Knight Fever eBook Covers 12-30-18 9AM 350dpi_1He’s not human, but something more.

Since medieval times, Ryder Judson has existed as a vampire.
As a Dark Knight who has protected and defended mankind since the time of King Aurthor and Merlin, he must not allow himself to accept a potential fated mate for to do so will threaten her very existence.

Traveling nurse and touch healer, Jess Willowbook is targeted for her supernatural healing powers. When a stranger crashes into her life, she cannot deny her attraction for the injured man whose true nature defies reality.

With their very lives at risk and the mountain community in peril, Jess must join forces with Ryder in an epic battle from which neither may survive unscathed.

Knight Fever eBook Covers 9-1-18 150dpi_3He battles his inner beast.

A wolf’s pursuit to lay claim to the ruby from Merlin’s staff and to fulfill an ancient prophecy leads him straight to a local modern-day psychic. Suffering from a curse, never would Dark Knight Gideon Saint-Valeri court a woman who wields magic. Yet, amid strong misgivings, he battles his inner beast to accept a witch as his fated mate.
Olivia Trudeau uses her fortune-telling abilities to raise funds and gather resources for her Appalachian community and toward a school for those with special powers. After the use of her clairvoyance, she experiences episodes of forgetfulness. But when a wolf shifter enters her life, nothing is predictable and he’s a seemingly unforgettable potential boyfriend.

Danger interwoven with prophecies and adventure, they must fight to prevent the capture of those in her coven and the destruction of the Dark Knights.

Knight Fever eBook Covers 9-1-18 150dpi_4The sorcerer refuses to fall under her spell.

When an evil spirit takes up residence in a modern-day psychic, Sorcerer Maddox Chadwick is forced to kidnap her to keep the rest of the world safe. Although attracted to the witch, the Dark Knight longs for a life as a magician and illusionist and has no plans to become involved with a supposed fated mate, especially one who communes with the dead.

Ashlyn Bartholomew doesn’t only see dead people, she serves as a vessel for the dearly departed. Always, the medium finds comfort in the company of the dead, but as her inner struggle rages, she must open herself up to facing her past, to connecting with a living, breathing sorcerer, and to the possibility that he’s her supernatural boyfriend.

They must battle a vile threat to mankind to close a Netherworld gateway and prevent the dead from rising and taking over the land of the living.

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