Immortal Sentinels

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Immortal Sentinels Series

In the Immortal Sentinel series, each one of a contingency of immortals out on his final quest. After a millennia and a half of suffering, each must find his fated mate to end Merlin’s curse.

Each book a standalone romance featuring a sentinel created to battle the evil that rose up against the Kingdom of Camelot, and a member of a modern-day coven of supernaturally talented women.

The books in this series may be read in any order; however, the series might be best enjoyed as follows:

Immortal Journey eBook Cover 3-1-19 2PM 350dpi
Troubled pasts lead to an adventurous present.

Ryderholt, Son of Jud, faces a great honor and a most dire curse.

In a ceremony performed by Merlin, he and his other knights are turned into something not human. Something other.

As an immortal sentinel, his new existence leads to consequences that will forever change his immortal destiny.

Jess Willowbrook grows up in the Appalachian mountains. With her grandmother, she lives a secluded life where she learns to use her supernatural healing powers.

Loss, trials, and anticipation fill their lives to bring them toward one another.

If only they choose to accept what fate offers.

Immortal Quest eBook Cover 3-1-19 2PM 350dpiHe’s not human, but something more.

Ryder Judson has protected mankind for hundreds of years. Defending the human race is the only thing he knows—the only thing he cares about. It’s part of his vampiric existence, as well as his curse.

Even though he wants nothing more than to break the ancient curse placed upon them, the Immoral Sentinels, he can’t imagine an existence without purpose.

Until he meets her—a beautiful traveling nurse and touch healer.

Jess is caring, loyal, and everything he’s ever searched for in a potential mate. But she’s also a witch, a target because of her supernatural healing powers.

Now he needs to do everything he can to protect her from the evil forces out to destroy her and the community she cares for.

But there’s one other threat she needs protection from. A kind of danger that has the potential to destroy her very existence…


Immortal Pursuit eBook Cover 3-1-19 2PM 350dpiHe battles his inner beast.

Gideon St. Valeri has one goal, one mission, and that’s to lay claim to the ruby from Merlin’s staff. Only then can he fulfill an ancient prophecy.

His pursuit, however, leads him straight to a local psychic. After all, when you’ve been living a cursed life for hundreds of years, you tend to avoid everything remotely related to magic.

But with Olivia, it seems…different. Even though Gideon wants nothing more than to keep his distance, the beast inside him is drawn to her. Captivated by her.

How’s that for irony?

Now all he, and his inner wolf, wants is protect her, keep her safe from dangers lurking within age-old prophecies.

Olivia might be a witch with an undeniable link to the supernatural, but turns out…

She’s also the one who will ultimately change his fate forever.

Immortal Conquest Cover 3-18-19 350dpiHe refuses to fall under her spell.

Maddox Chadwick is a sorcerer. A performer. An Immortal Sentinel who longs for a life as an illusionist. He would rather step on stage than serve as a bodyguard.

Unfortunately fate has a sense of humor by sending a possessed medium his way. Now, in order to keep the world safe, he is forced to kidnap the woman who serves as a vessel for an evil spirit. Not exactly his ideal path to adulation and adventure.

But the more time Maddox spends with Ashlyn, the more he’s aware of the inner struggle that rages inside her. She’s strong and resilient. Yet sensitive and caring. Even as she communes with the dead.

Soon he finds himself drawn to her in a way he can’t explain as they battle a vile threat against mankind together and can’t help but wonder if she might be the one fate has chosen for him.

But they must survive long enough to find out.

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