Hidden Cove Trilogy

Adventurous Timeswept Romance

The Hidden Cove Trilogy features three women, three timeswept paths to destiny.

From the Mist eBook Cover 11-24-17 1200dpiFrom the mist and into his arms. Present to past, fortune—uncertain and askew—dares to confront their burgeoning desire.

When a reality cooking show host, Megan Forrester, steps into an unnatural fog in the present, she stumbles into the arms of a sexy pirate turned supply runner, Everett Quinn, in 1811. From a career so busy she misses out on heating up things in the bedroom and where she spends most of her time in a TV-set kitchen, she ends up cooking in a ship’s galley and enjoys a journey into sensuality no decadent, triple-chocolate dessert, or even a modern-day man, could offer.

An adventurous timeswept romance in which true love tests the boundaries of time and fate.

OTD - SMALLOf the deep, she dives into his life. Destiny, despite their building passion, demands the past and present be brought into balance.

The provider of a safe haven for teens, former teacher Abigail Gray goes on a coveted vacation. During her first getaway in five years, Abigail intends to visit as many lighthouses as possible to bask in the romance. After all, no one of the male persuasion has come courting to kiss her in she doesn’t remember how long, and she can’t even share about potential, or otherwise, sexual romps with her best friends from childhood. Perhaps she still has a thing or two to teach, because chance intercedes when she falls into the sea and dives into the passionate embrace of a ship figurehead carver, Luke Morlander, in 1811. To keep her at his side, he must face town leader and arch enemy Captain Donovan, the consequences of the risks taken by his and his ex-pirate mates’ ward, and, possibly, even the boundaries of time itself.

An adventurous timeswept romance where love struggles to survive through the ages.

On the Edge eBook Cover 11-24-17 1200dpiOn the edge, she plunges into a lighthouse keeper’s adventure. A trip back in time challenges their depths of fortune and pleasure.

Photojournalist Joanna Ellis, on a lighthouse tour misadventure, tumbles toward the jagged rocks along the Maine shoreline. Too busy with travel and documenting natural disasters, Jo doesn’t have time to even think about romance. Unable to live life vicariously through her childhood friend’s stories of sexcapades, she falls onto a treacherous rocky ledge and into the life and caresses of hot-blooded lighthouse keeper, Nathan Blakely, in 1811. A tinker as well, Nathan, creates gadgets and lives a simple life at Rock Island Lighthouse. But when a luscious woman arrives, she tells him tales beyond belief. Future or past? Past or future? Nathan struggles to figure out where and when his purpose resides.

A revealing, adventurous, and passionate timeswept romance.