Hidden Cove

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Hidden Cove Series

Adventurous Timeswept Romance

Three women, three timeswept paths to destiny.

From the Mist 2-5-19 8AM 150dpiFrom the mist and into his arms.

As a cooking show host, Megan Forrester spends most of her time on a TV studio set.

In the make-believe kitchen, her life is a five-course meal of achievement. But in the romance department—not so much. Megan has zero time for dating so when the chance of a fun-filled getaway with friends comes along, she grabs it, sans oven mitts, with both hands.

What she didn’t expect was getting lost in a mysterious fog and stumbling into the arms of an ex-pirate turned supply runner in the 1800s. One that catches her attention far more than the orange-blue flames of a chocolate and cherry sauce flambé.

Thankfully, rugged Everett Quinn is determined to help her survive in an era she knows nothing about. But the deeper she delves into this new world of high sea adventures with Everett, the more she starts to wonder if maybe—just maybe—she’s right where she’s supposed to be…

With him.

Of the Deep Cover UPDATE 2-8-19 8AM 150dpiOf the deep, she dives into his life.

Working with teenagers every day is a rewarding, yet exhausting job—which is why Abigail Gray decides to go on a well-deserved getaway with a her two friends.

While traveling to a lighthouse, she basks in the romance that eludes her busy day-to-day life. But then strange things start happening, and she ends up in the sea and is pulled under the surface.

One minute she was enjoying her little break from reality, and the next she’s in the middle of a rescue by a handsome figurehead carver from the 1800s.

Abigail doesn’t know how it happened. But she soon realizes she’s in an entirely different world. If it wasn’t for Luke Morlander—the man who saved her from drowning—she would have been lost…or dead.

But the danger isn’t over yet. In fact, it just started. The town tyrant has his eyes set on her, and while Luke does everything he can to keep her safe, she realizes that it’s not just her life that’s on the line…

But her heart as well.

On the Edge 2-5-19 12PM 150dpiOn the edge, she plunges into his adventure.

When photojournalist Joanna Ellis decides to go on a vacation with her friends, falling toward jagged rocks along the Maine shoreline was not part of the plan—and neither was tumbling from the present right into the past.

But it happens. It actually happens.

Somehow Jo ends up in the 1800s, trapped on a treacherous rocky ledge minus her camera only to be saved by a gorgeous lighthouse keeper. Now, because of some time warp, she has no choice but to rely on Nathan Blakely—the man who saved her from a perilous fall.

Soon, she realizes Nathan’s been living an isolated life and is in desperate need of a little fun. And the way she sees it, while she’s stuck, she might as well put her spontaneity to good use and show him how to make an adventure out of life.

But she doesn’t count on fighting pirates and facing a tyrant captain to be a part of that adventure.

And she definitely doesn’t expect to find love.

Especially in the past.

Hidden Cove Collection Cover 3-2-19 11AM 350dpiHidden Cove: The Complete Series (FROM THE MIST, OF THE DEEP)

From the mist and into his arms. Present to past, fortune—uncertain and askew—dares to confront their burgeoning desire. This action-packed Time Travel Romance features a pirate turned supply runner and a cooking show host along with high seas adventure.

Of the deep, she dives into his life. Destiny, despite their building passion, demands the past and present be brought into balance. This action-packed Time Travel Romance features a figurehead carver and a former teacher and guardian of teens along with unexpected twists and turns.

On the edge, she plunges into a lighthouse keeper’s adventure. A trip back in time challenges their depths of fortune and pleasure. This action-packed Time Travel Romance features a lighthouse keeper and a photojournalist along with romantic adventure.

Regency timeswept romances set in 1811 and the present and in which true love tests the boundaries of time and fate.

Hidden Cove Books 1-3 Set 3-2-19