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Shifter's Need Hidden CoverShifter’s Need features a shape shifter. No, he’s not a creature shifter like a wolf  or cougar or even a dragon. He shifts into shapes, as into inanimate objects.

Like the music box of old that got tossed into the fireplace, in medieval times, by his former fiance.

His ability to assume any shape makes him the perfect spy for the advance reconnaissance of the Dark Knights. Considering the ancient curse placed upon him, he’s lived a life of excitement, but then even that must soon come to an end.

Accused of having a stone-cold heart, he meets an animal whisperer and witch, with a love for all creatures. But a shape shifter? Can she  chip away at his resistance and find her way into his heart before he succumbs to the unpredictable nature of her burgeoning magic?

Cover reveal and giveaway coming soon!