Meet Touch Healer Jess Willowbrook

VQ eBook Cover 5-9-18 UPDATE 350dpiLike the guilt that ground deep in her stomach, road pavement pressed into Jess’s legs through the knees of her jeans. As the sun rose, she continued to hover over the still motorcycle rider.

Shock hit her, and her body chilled far colder than the spring weather warranted. How? Why? Disbelief that she had run out in front of a motorcycle bearing down on her coursed through her. Gasoline and road tar stench fumed the area and half-gagged her.

“No, no, no. I can’t believe this is happening.”

In gentle pats, she touched the injured man’s shoulders and arms through the leather of his torn jacket. She gently stroked the back of his gloved hand. After a moment, her nursing experience and innate urge to heal kicked in, and she yanked off his glove and tossed it aside. Despite her fatigue from the use of her ability and her flight through the woods, she pushed herself to help him. Her insides quivered, and she struggled to slow her breathing.

“Focus. I have to focus.”

With her shadow spreading over him, Jess scrubbed her palms down the thighs of her blue jeans, then wiped her hands on her long, deep-green blouse tail.

The best she could do, considering the severity of the situation and that one of her attackers took her backpack. She bent over him and took his hand.

From the angle of his lower leg, he suffered broken bones.

The realization of the extent of his injuries throbbed in her temples.

Downhill, an explosion boomed. If only the bike blowing apart took care of the three jerks who’d been chasing her. Not really hurt them exactly, but, well, at least scared them off and made them leave her alone.

A ball of flame tossed metal parts into the air. Oily gasoline smoke churned toward the pale blue sky in slick black rolls. Jagged metal pieces rained down in splats through the trees. If they were lucky, the men who chased her were okay and hadn’t been hit by the wreckage.

She was a healer. Not a fighter.

Yes, the bad guys chased her, but still, how could she have been so careless to run out in front of a motorcycle, lack of headlight or not? Worried out of her mind about the injured boy and the men who were after her, she hadn’t even registered the roar of the motor.

All her focus had been to get the creeps away from the child.

“Dang, dang, dang.” Shaking her head after failing to swallow, she turned her full attention to the man. “I’m so, so sorry. You did your best to not run me over. For that I’m thankful.” With trembling fingers, she clasped his hand.

Injuries? First, through her touch, she perceived his right leg was broken. A crushed knee twisted, and the lower leg jutted off to one side.

With a glance at the canted angle, she flinched. Nope, a normal leg wasn’t supposed to bend at that angle.

“Poor fellow.” The stirring in her belly turned into a dull ache. “I hope with all my heart you’ll be able to forgive me.”

Next, she used her knowledge and experience to delve into the twisted fracture of his lower arm halfway between his elbow and wrist. When she reached his neck with her mental scan, still holding his hand, she sat up straight.

Spinal injury. Not impossible to fix, but a challenge.

Then she probed for any harm to his brain and heart.

Awareness crawled over her scalp like a thousand beetle bugs. The perceptions she received through her touch… Never had she received such obscure, unusual readings. They told her that with such a high red blood cell count, the man’s blood would flow like sludge.

The workings of his brain, the amount of hormones in his system, blood chemistry—

Jess yanked her hand away. His hand flopped, and his knuckles knocked against the asphalt. She thought better of leaving his bare hand on the pavement, and retrieved the glove, wedging it underneath his fingers like a mini pillow.

Never in all her twenty-eight years had she encountered such. How was this possible?

While she did a mental tally of the impressions she received from her touch, her not-so-usually bold glance skimmed over the front of his jeans. Yes, all the parts, organs, and appendages were in the right place. Cheeks flushed, she again shook her head. Her modern nursing degree told her what she sensed was reality. “It’s not possible.”

Thunder barely sounded above the light rustle of the trees on either side of the road, but she strained to hear footsteps or perhaps oncoming cars.


“Yes, you’re a man. A buff example of one from the looks of the way your jeans and jacket fit. But you’re also something else.”

Something more.

~  from Vampire’s Quest

Meet Sexy Vampire Knight Ryder Judson

VQ eBook Cover 5-9-18 UPDATE 350dpiA dozen or more Hellhounds chased Ryder along winding mountain roads. Hellhounds served as an apt description for frigging actual demons from the Underworld posing as a legitimate motorcycle club in the mortal realm. Unrelenting, the bastards closed in as Ryder raced along narrow paved lanes.

On and on they came, ever since they barreled into the clearing on Greystone Ridge. Forced to leave when they showed up to keep the location of the Sword of Charon a secret, he took off.

The bastards chased him for miles and over a span of hours and hadn’t let up.

As daylight clawed its way through the cloak of darkness, the roar of motors behind him ripped the tranquility of the East Tennessee hills to shreds and bled the quiet of the night dry.

Eyes squinted and a muscle twitching in his jaw, he gripped the handlebars tight and bent forward. Tonight, he rode a steed not of sinew and muscle but of metal and rubber.

Thighs tightened astride the seat above the high-powered engine, he leaned into a curve, intent on salvaging his quest and outrunning sunrise.

No doubt the demons had been drawn to the ridge by the stir of magic. With modern times nearly barren of such paranormal power, a strong surge would serve as a beacon to those from the Underworld.

To his left, bullets pelted asphalt a foot near his tires to destroy what little peace remained in the rolling hills. Instead of pulling out his pistol and firing back, he led the gang farther away from the supposed location of the long-hidden medieval artifact.

As the sky grayed, the purr of the customized 1980s bike carried him at a reckless pace. The high speed almost gave him a hard-on. And yes, even after so very long, he remembered what a full out erection felt like. Not something a man, too long without, would forget.

The stink of road tar melded with exhaust fumes to taint the crisp air. Trees along the roadside blurred in the outer edges of his vision, and the coolness of the mountain spring stung the already chilled exposed skin of his upper chest and neck.

Dressed in black, Ryder wore his usual leather jacket instead of a suit of mail or armor, yet the confines of knighthood weighed at him still as he raced through the night with demons on his tail. As he ducked low, bullets spat against pavement all around him. His glove-sheathed hand clenched and twisted the handlebar to ramp his speed and avoid the silver-tipped bullets.

Behind him, the rev of motors filled the narrow expanse of road. Hell, he needed to ditch them.

Before daylight.

~ from Vampire’s Quest

Three women, three desire-filled paths to destiny…

Hidden Cover Trilogy, Time Travel Historical Romance
Sensual High Seas Adventure

Published exclusively an Amazon and also available in Kindle Unlimited here:
From the Mist | Of the Deep | On the Edge | Hidden Cove Trilogy Box Set


Vampire’s Quest Release April 2017

VQ eBook Cover 5-9-18 UPDATE 350dpiTo a Dark Knight, she’s his fated mate. To his vampire nature, she’s like the sun. Tempting. Desirable. Elusive. Dangerous.

Since medieval times, Ryder Judson has existed as a vampire. Although he welcomes the lifting of an ancient curse, he loathes the end of knighthood. As his duty comes to an end, a prophecy unfolds. With his fellow knights scattered about on their final quests, he is forced to stand down as a protector of mankind. And the last thing he needs is a potential fated mate.

Traveling nurse and touch healer, Jess Willowbook is targeted for her supernatural healing powers. Although part of a coven, she resists the label of witch. But she’ll do anything to fight the unexpected evil that plagues the mountain community. With Mulder the mule and Scully the calico cat at her side, she cannot deny her desire for an injured man whose true nature defies reality. He’s not human, but something more.

Passion entwined with peril, Jess must join forces with Ryder in an epic battle from which neither may survive unscathed. With sexual tension at its peak in the Appalachian mountains between a vampire knight and a reluctant witch, what could go wrong?

Heat up the night with Knight Fever in this edgy, captivating, adventurous one true mate paranormal romance.



dreamstime_xxl_63788301“Why do I write romance? Because I believe in romance, passion, and happily ever after. Why do I write time travel romance? Because I believe that even time cannot thwart true love. Why do I write paranormal romance? Because I believe that a deep emotional connection borders on the supernatural. Why do I write dark and edgy romance? Because I believe that, although there may be a dark side of humanity and even the paranormal, love will prevail.” ~ Author Alexa Dare (Book available HERE!)

From the Mist

Hidden Cove eBook Covers 6-11-18 8AM 350dpi_1From the Mist (Book 1) Hidden Cove Trilogy of the Harbor’s Keep Series (featured on

Three women, three desire-filled paths to destiny.

From the mist and into his arms. Present to past, fortune—uncertain and askew—dares to confront their burgeoning desire.

One seeks fame, but longs for simple…

Reality cooking show host, Megan Forrester, braces for a film crew interruption of her long-awaited lighthouse tour vacation. While Megan cooks in a fake kitchen on a filming set, she misses out on heating up things in a real bedroom. As if onlys pile up like a stack of failed gluten-free recipes, she looks forward to a fun escape and getaway with her best friends from childhood and is no way prepared when fate intrudes.

When she steps into an unnatural fog in the present, she stumbles into the arms of a sexy pirate turned supply runner Everett Quinn in 1892. Everett sets out to waylay a man that threatens Everett’s livelihood. While Harbor’s Keep founder, Captain Zachariah Donovan, controls most of the town, he has no say against Everett and his former pirate mates. Destiny, on the other hand, holds sway.

Fortune—uncertain and askew—dares to confront Megan and Everett’s burgeoning desire.

A steamy time travel romance in which true love tests the boundaries of time and fate.

From the Mist, Book 1 of the Hidden Cove Time Travel Trilogy, from the time travel historical romance Harbor’s Keep series, features pirates, paranormal elements, sizzling romance, and sensual high seas romantic adventure.

Steamy. Light swearing. High heat. Unique, refreshing, intimate scenes, edgy adventure, and daring, sensual romance.


Hidden Cove Series

Hidden Cove Series

HC All Three Blank Background

Three women, three desire-filled paths to destiny.

Hidden Cove eBook Covers 6-11-18 8AM 350dpi_1From the Mist
Time Travel Romance
Hidden Cove Trilogy, Book 1

One seeks fame, but longs for simple…

Reality cooking show host, Megan Forrester, braces for a film crew interruption of her long-awaited lighthouse tour vacation.

But when she steps into an unnatural fog in the present, she stumbles into the arms of a sexy pirate turned supply runner Everett Quinn in 1811.

Fate—uncertain, and askew—dares to confront Megan and Everett’s burgeoning desire.
A steamy time travel romance in which true love tests the boundaries of time and fate.

Hidden Cove eBook Covers 6-11-18 8AM 350dpi_2Of the Deep
Time Travel Romance

Hidden Cove Trilogy, Book 2

The second yearns for family, but runs from the same…

The provider of a safe haven for teens, Abigail Gray, during her coveted lighthouse vacation, falls into the sea.

And dives into the passionate embrace of a carver of ship’s figureheads, Luke Morlander, in 1811.

Destiny, despite Abigail and Luke’s burgeoning desire, demands the past and present be brought into balance.

A sensual time travel romance where love struggles to survive through the ages.

Hidden Cove eBook Covers 6-11-18 8AM 350dpi_3On the Edge
Time Travel Romance

Hidden Cove Trilogy, Book 3

The third prefers art and strife, yet must learn to enjoy life…

Photojournalist Jo Ellis, on a lighthouse tour misadventure, tumbles toward the jagged rocks along the Maine shoreline.

In an odd twist of fate, she plunges onto a treacherous rocky ledge and into the life and caresses of a hot-blooded lighthouse keeper, Nathan Blakely, in 1811.

A trip back in time challenges both Jo and Nathan’s depths of fortune and pleasure.

A revealing, adventurous, and passionate time travel romance.