Author Picture 8-16-18Author Alexa Dare, with the oversight of the Jellicle Three (Jasmine, Lightning, and Stormy of feline persuasion), pens time travel and paranormal romance the way she likes to read them: sensual, adventurous, memorable. Along with spending time with her happily-ever-after alpha outdoorsman, Alexa cozies up at home—when not devoting her time to writing and bringing sexy romances to readers—with movies, popcorn, and triple-chocolate cupcakes, not necessarily in that order.

“Why do I write romance? Because I believe in romance, passion, and happily ever after. Why do I write time travel romance? Because I believe that even time cannot thwart true love. Why do I write paranormal romance? Because I believe that a deep emotional connection borders on the supernatural. Why do I write dark and edgy romance? Because I believe that, although there may be a dark side of humanity and even the paranormal, love will prevail.”
~ Author Alexa Dare

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