Heat up the night with Knight Fever!

KF 3 Book Series 3D BlankIn the Knight Fever Series, each one of a contingency of Dark Knights sets out on his final quest. After a millennia and a half of celibacy, each must find his one true mate to end Merlin’s curse. A vampire, a wolf shifter, a sorcerer, a shape shifter, a dragon shifter, a wraith, a gargoyle shifter, a phantom, a cougar shifter, a raven shifter, a demon, a specter, and the reaper search for their fated mates.

As are each book in the series, the most recent release, Sorcerer’s Conquest, is a standalone romance featuring a Dark Knight created to battle the evil that rose up against the Kingdom of Camelot, and a member of a modern-day coven of supernaturally talented women.

The books in the Knight Fever series may be read in any order; however, the series might be best enjoyed as follows:
Knight’s Journey: Vampire’s Quest Prequel
Vampire’s Quest
Wolf’s Pursuit
Sorcerer’s Conquest


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