Meet Touch Healer Jess Willowbrook

Like the guilt that ground deep in her stomach, road pavement pressed into Jess’s legs through the knees of her jeans. As the sun rose, she continued to hover over the still motorcycle rider.

Shock hit her and her body chilled far colder than the spring weather warranted. How? Why? Disbelief that she ran out in front of a motorcycle bearing down on her coursed through her. Gasoline and road tar stench fumed the area and half gagged her.

“No, no, no. I can’t believe this is happening.” With shaky inhales, she tugged in quick sips of air.

In gentle pats, she touched the injured man’s shoulders and arms through the leather of his torn jacket. She even barely touched the back of his gloved hand. After a moment, her nursing experience and innate urge to heal kicked in, and she yanked off his glove and tossed it aside.

Her insides quivering, she struggled to slow her breathing. “Focus. I have to focus.”

With her shadow spreading over him as the sun brought day to this side of the mountain, Jess scrubbed her palms down the thighs of her blue jeans, then wiped her hands with her long, deep green blouse tail.

The best she could do, considering. She bent over him and took his hand.

-– Excerpt from Vampire’s Quest

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