Hidden Cove Series

Hidden Cove Series

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Three women, three desire-filled paths to destiny.

Hidden Cove eBook Covers 6-11-18 8AM 350dpi_1From the Mist
Time Travel Romance
Hidden Cove Trilogy, Book 1

One seeks fame, but longs for simple…

Reality cooking show host, Megan Forrester, braces for a film crew interruption of her long-awaited lighthouse tour vacation.

But when she steps into an unnatural fog in the present, she stumbles into the arms of a sexy pirate turned supply runner Everett Quinn in 1811.

Fate—uncertain, and askew—dares to confront Megan and Everett’s burgeoning desire.
A steamy time travel romance in which true love tests the boundaries of time and fate.

Hidden Cove eBook Covers 6-11-18 8AM 350dpi_2Of the Deep
Time Travel Romance

Hidden Cove Trilogy, Book 2

The second yearns for family, but runs from the same…

The provider of a safe haven for teens, Abigail Gray, during her coveted lighthouse vacation, falls into the sea.

And dives into the passionate embrace of a carver of ship’s figureheads, Luke Morlander, in 1811.

Destiny, despite Abigail and Luke’s burgeoning desire, demands the past and present be brought into balance.

A sensual time travel romance where love struggles to survive through the ages.

Hidden Cove eBook Covers 6-11-18 8AM 350dpi_3On the Edge
Time Travel Romance

Hidden Cove Trilogy, Book 3

The third prefers art and strife, yet must learn to enjoy life…

Photojournalist Jo Ellis, on a lighthouse tour misadventure, tumbles toward the jagged rocks along the Maine shoreline.

In an odd twist of fate, she plunges onto a treacherous rocky ledge and into the life and caresses of a hot-blooded lighthouse keeper, Nathan Blakely, in 1811.

A trip back in time challenges both Jo and Nathan’s depths of fortune and pleasure.

A revealing, adventurous, and passionate time travel romance.

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