Books by Alexa Dare

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Immoral Journey Propped Cover 2-9-19 150dpi

Immortal Journey, Immortal Quest Prequel is available for FREE upon Newsletter Signup. (Discover how the Knight Fever series begins.) Click HERE or on the cover to the left or below.

(Available via Amazon and Kindle Unlimited)
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Paranormal Romance

Immortal Quest eBook Cover 2-9-19 150dpiImmortal Pursuit eBook Cover 2-9-19 150dpiImmortal Conquest eBook Cover 2-9-19 150dpi

Adventurous Timeswept Romance

From the Mist 2-5-19 8AM 150dpiOf the Deep Cover UPDATE 2-8-19 8AM 150dpiOn the Edge 2-5-19 12PM 150dpiHidden Cove Collection eBook Cover 2-11-19 9AM 350dpi

Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Adventure

COTE eBook Covers 8x5 150dpi_1COTE eBook Covers 8x5 150dpi_2COTE eBook Covers 8x5 150dpi_3COTE eBook Covers 8x5 150dpi_4COTE eBook Covers 8x5 150dpi_5