Wolf’s Pursuit Coming Soon!

Wolf's Pursuit eBook Cover Update 300dpiEach one of a contingency of Dark Knights sets out on his final quest. After a millennia and a half of celibacy, each must find his one true mate to end Merlin’s curse. A vampire, a wolf shifter, a sorcerer, a hunter multi-shifter, a dragon shifter, a wraith, a gargoyle shifter, a phantom, a cougar shifter, a raven shifter, a demon, a specter, and the reaper search for their fated mates.

As are each book in the Knight Fever Series, Wolf’s Pursuit is a standalone romance featuring a Dark Knight created to battle the evil that rose up against the Kingdom of Camelot, and a member of a modern-day coven of supernaturally talented women.

A Wolf’s Pursuit. A Seer’s Path.

A wolf on the prowl. A clairvoyant in the know. Yet can anyone truly discern what surprises desire might bestow?

A wolf’s pursuit to lay claim to the ruby from Merlin’s staff and to end his curse of celibacy once and for all leads him straight to a local seer. Never would Dark Knight and wolf shifter Gideon Saint-Valori court a sorceress, yet his yearning for her surges with the approach of the Mage’s Moon. Wronged by the greatest soothsayer of them all, both drawn to and repelled by the modern-day enchantress, he battles his inner beast. Can he and his wolf nature accept this woman as his potential fated mate?

Harboring the weight of hidden investments and mountains of secrets, Olivia Trudeau uses her clairvoyant abilities to raise funds and gather resources for her Appalachian community. Always burdened by the need to control, which comes with her gift of knowing, she faces her greatest revelation when destiny delivers a mate—not true boyfriend or one true mate material at all—to her in the form of a shifter.

Danger on their heels, together, Olivia and Gideon fight both supernatural and local forces bent on using her ability to defeat the Dark Knights and to seize the properties of local residents in Wolf’s Pursuit, Knight Fever Series #2.

Steamy. Light swearing. High heat. Unique, refreshing, edgy wolf shifter romance, shifter romance, and fated mate romance.

VQ eBook Cover 7-30-17 8PM 300dpi

Vampire’s Quest, Knight Fever Series #1, available on Amazon and for free in Kindle Unlimited (KU).

A Vampire’s Quest. A Healer’s Destiny.

Her beauty rivals the glow of the sun. To a vampire, elusive, desirable, forbidden.

A vampire’s quest leads him to his greatest challenge, a defiant traveling Appalachian nurse targeted for her supernatural healing abilities. In the middle of his final mission, Ryderholt Judson’s desire for the sexy healer burns deep and fierce. Yet, as his duty to the Dark Knights comes to an end, the last person he wants anything to do with, despite centuries of celibacy, is a potential fated mate.

Hidden away in the Appalachian mountains, Jess Willowbrook shares her supernatural abilities. No time for romance, she struggles to stay under the radar as the news of her success in healing supposed untreatable illnesses spreads. Danger on her heels, she encounters an injured man whose true nature defies reality.

Passion entwined with peril, Jess must join forces with Ryder to battle the unexpected evil that plagues the mountain community in Vampire’s Quest, Knight Fever Series #1.

Steamy. Light swearing. High heat. Unique, refreshing, edgy vampire romance, shifter romance, and fated mate romance.

Meet Touch Healer Jess Willowbrook

Like the guilt that ground deep in her stomach, road pavement pressed into Jess’s legs through the knees of her jeans. As the sun rose, she continued to hover over the still motorcycle rider.

Shock hit her and her body chilled far colder than the spring weather warranted. How? Why? Disbelief that she ran out in front of a motorcycle bearing down on her coursed through her. Gasoline and road tar stench fumed the area and half gagged her.

“No, no, no. I can’t believe this is happening.” With shaky inhales, she tugged in quick sips of air.

In gentle pats, she touched the injured man’s shoulders and arms through the leather of his torn jacket. She even barely touched the back of his gloved hand. After a moment, her nursing experience and innate urge to heal kicked in, and she yanked off his glove and tossed it aside.

Her insides quivering, she struggled to slow her breathing. “Focus. I have to focus.”

With her shadow spreading over him as the sun brought day to this side of the mountain, Jess scrubbed her palms down the thighs of her blue jeans, then wiped her hands with her long, deep green blouse tail.

The best she could do, considering. She bent over him and took his hand.

-– Excerpt from Vampire’s Quest

Meet Sexy Vampire Knight Ryder Judson

A dozen or more Hellhounds chased Ryder along winding mountain roads. Hellhounds—an apt description for actual demons from the Underworld that posed as a legitimate motorcycle club—closed in as Ryder raced along narrow paved lanes.

As daylight clawed its way through the cloak of night, the roar of motors behind him ripped the innate tranquility of the East Tennessee hills to shreds and bled the quiet of the night dry.

Upon this night of the final gathering, he rode a steed not of sinew and muscle but of metal and rubber. Of a far different kind of horsepower than the days of old, the vintage Harley rumbled and raced over narrow paved roads. Thighs tightened astride the seat above the high-powered engine, he leaned into a turn intent on salvaging his quest and outrunning daylight.

Hunched low and the shield of his helmet facing into the wind, he raced at breakneck speed.

If only he headed toward the caves that supposedly held the Sword of Charon. Instead, he barreled around steep curves, headed toward dawn, and away from Greystone Ridge.

— from Vampire’s Quest